5 Best Free Alternatives to Netflix

Do you love Netflix? Tired of paying monthly for Netflix? And do not want to spend your hard-earned money for the sake of your entertainment only? Then Stop here, buddies !! While keeping in mind your need, We have come up with this to furnish all the details of Free Alternatives to Netflix that you crave for.

After all, Who doesn’t like Free Goodies? Keep scrolling this to know everything about Free alternatives to Netflix !!

Online Streaming is the New Trend?
Online Streaming of Videos and movies is definitely a new trend in this decade. Thanks to the real-time stories and content they offer. As per a survey conducted by Deloitte, It is found that t 72% of the people of (14-25) age groups are cited to prefer video streaming services. Streaming Videos and Movies are getting immense popularity among young people.
About Netflix
Netflix is the most popular OTT platform that offers streaming of versatile movies and shows. The COVID-19 pandemic has also given a boost to the number of users of Netflix as mostly TV shows’ Shoots were halted by the Governments amid Lockdown.

Its Thriller and never-seen-before entertainment have increased its popularity among teens and adults drastically. But as everything comes with a cost, So it is not free at all. To have access to most of the shows, You need a paid membership or subscription.

There are many Free Alternatives to Netflix if we search it on the web but if you click on any random link or app, the chances are higher that you may risk your privacy and can invite cyber attacks. But you don’t need to worry as we have listed only authentic Free Alternatives to Netflix 2020 for you so you can enjoy streaming through it without any hassles.

Check out the list of 5 best free alternatives to Netflix. The following apps are free and you can watch thousands of movies for free.
5 Best Free Alternatives to Netflix 2020
#1Netflix Alternative: Pluto TV:
● Pluto TV offers unlimited streaming to family-friendly shows by providing a separate dedicated section for it with specific filters that can save you from the embarrassment of any vulgarity that suddenly appears on your screen while watching it with other family members.
● It offers 250 live and on-demand TV shows and movies and indie flicks.
● You can get 1000+ on-demand movies here.
#2Netflix Alternative: Hoopla:
Hoopla is one of the excellent platforms when we talk about Free Alternatives to Netflix 2020 as it comes with thousands of quality movies and TV shows you’ve actually heard of. Hoopla Digital is a division of the Holland, Ohio–based company Midwest Tape and is housed in the same facility.

How to Use Hoopla?
● Register yourself on Hoopla first.
● When asked to enter your card number, use your standard COM username. For example, if your COM email is COM123@com.edu, you’d enter COM123.
● Start downloading popular movies, music, audiobooks, eBooks, comics, and TV shows!

#3 Netflix Alternative: Tubi TV :
Tubi comes with a huge stock of licensed movies and television shows from the Golden Era to the current ones. It has everything to offer you that you want for the sake of your entertainment and after using this once, you will never need a credit card for your next time entertainment again. They will not charge you anything by naming it “Premium-One”. It is surely one of the amazing Free alternatives to Netflix 2020 till date. Tubi has more than 50,000 titles in its library that too free!! Isn’t it amazing?
#4 Netflix Alternative: Movie HD App :

Movie HD is a highly recommended option for Free Alternatives to Netflix in 2020. It provides access to amazing shows, movies, and what not? It simply does not own or hosts any content. It provides links in a convenient interface. You can start binge-watching your favorites here like Iron man, The Avengers, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Netflix Movies, Amazon Prime Movies, Hulu, etc.
#5 Netflix Alternative: Roku
● It is a popular streaming device and also popular as Free Alternative to Netflix. It is a dedicated place for free movies and TV shows. But many people don’t prefer it much as it can be accessed only on Roku Devices.
● It offers shows and movies of all genres from horror to Funny Ones, Comedy Thrillers to Crime-Thrillers. It must be your guilty pleasure once you get used to it. It has limited content for family-based shows.

Final Verdict: Hey Readers, Here we have listed everything about “Best Free Alternatives to Netflix”. Use Free Alternatives to Netflix and enjoy your unrestricted joyous ride of streaming. But while streaming, Don’t forget to share your views here in the comment section.
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