Impractical joker: Why did it get cancelled?

About the Impractical Joker:

Impractical Jokers, born out of the minds of the Tenderloins, a New York comedy troupe composed of four friends, has been a consistent success for TruTV since its December 2011 debut. An episode consists of a series of dares in which the Jokers, by embarrassing one of their own in public locations, bust each other’s chops as hidden cameras catch it all. The objective: embarrassment, absolute and total (but good-natured), and to see who can take it like a champ.

In the last year, Unrealistic Jokers have blown up. Joe, Murr, Q, and Sal are moving from the small screen to the large screen in addition to the embarrassment-themed TBS game show, The Pain Index. Impractical Jokers: The Movie will shortly hit theatres. Here’s what there is to know about this.

What happened in the Impractical Joker?

The typical, though not scripted, episode of Unrealistic Jokers is built. It consists of dares conceived by the Tenderloins that one of them has to undergo, engaging in public with strangers as they do it, using their improving ability to make good TV and receive those prized thumbs-ups. Impractical Jokers: The Movie takes the core premise of the series and pumps it up to big-screen sizes, like any movie based on a TV show. The TruTV website notes that the storyline includes “a humiliating 1992 high school mishap that takes the Unrealistic Jokers to hidden camera competitions on the road competition for the chance to turn back the clock and pursue salvation.” A view of the official trailer of the film reveals that this aspect of the early ’90s is given by Paula Abdul, who meets the Jokers and invites the celebrity of the age. Yet it would appear that not all of them get to go, and then they decide what they usually do is the only way to assess the odd one out: stage elaborate, competitive scenes in which they can ridicule each other. Whoever they collectively consider the loser of this contest does not get to go to the party of Paula Abdul.

Who are the characters of the Impractical Joker?

As Impractical Jokers: The Movie is the film version of the highly popular and long-running Impractical Jokers franchise; it would be confusing if all four regular cast members were not chosen by the filmmakers. The movie has four important members who were playing as the Tenderloin troupe: Joseph Gatto (Joe), James Murray (Murr), Brian Quinn (Q), and Salvatore Vulcano (Sal). All four co-wrote the script, too, assisted by Chris Henchy, producer (and Funny or Die, bigwig). The remainder of the cast is rounded out during their long and possibly cringe-inducing journey to Miami by actors playing individuals whom the Jokers know, along with several unknown people who happen to get dragged into the staged pranks of the party. Any ‘brand’ stars, though, turn up for guest appearances. Joey Fatone, formerly from NSYNC and now a stalwart with about as much reality TV as the Unrealistic Jokers actors, plays a street busker, while Kane Hodder, the man behind the hockey mask as Jason Voorhees in many Friday the 13th films, positions an incredible bodyguard presence. And to play Paula Abdul, the guy on whom the whole storyline of impractical Jokers: The Movie hinges: Paula Abdul.

When did the Impractical Jokers launch?

On April 30, 2018, while Impractical Jokers is a series that works well when cast and crew work under some degree of confidentiality, Joker Sal Vulcano broke the news on Instagram that that very day a film version of Impractical Jokers had begun shooting.

The film, which costar Brian Quinn said at a San Diego Comic-Con event in 2018, consisted of “80% hidden camera and 20% plot,” finished shooting reasonably quickly, wrapping up on June 5, 2018, about six weeks later.

This film will reach theatres in early 2020, acting as the start of a series of big events for the Unrealistic Jokers brand. The show’s new slate of episodes debuts on Thursday 30 January on TruTV. The 200th episode of Unrealistic Jokers, set to air on February 13, is set for its ninth season. And then, inevitably, only a week later, Impractical Jokers: The Movie will start playing out nationally in movie theatres.

Why did the it get cancelled?

It was scrapped, mostly because of its unpopularity, after Series 2 in April 2014. More significantly, nevertheless, Comedy Central and Channel 5 signed up the franchise to co-produce with Yalli Operations a third season of Unrealistic Jokers UK, featuring Late Night Gimp Battle.

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